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  • Kontribusi penting pemangku kepentingan dalam pengelolaan perikanan di rawa lebak Pampangan 

    Muthmainnah, Dina; Suryati, Ni Komang; Khotimah, Khusnul (Unsri Press, 2019)
    Stakeholders are the individuals, groups, or institutions with interest in natural resources at a location, or the person who has the potential to influence activities and provide benefits or losses in the changing conditions. ...
  • Karakteristik sumberdaya ikan di Situ Gede, Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat 

    Suryati, Ni Komang; Sawestri, Sevi; Muthmainnah, Dina (Unsri Press, 2019)
    Situ Gede is one of the seven reservoirs in the Tasikmalaya City that has a function as fish resources, water resources, and tourism destination. Information regarding the characteristics of fish resources in the waters ...
  • Fish diversity and water quality of Ayamaru lake, West Papua 

    Hidayah, Taufiq; Marson; Ali, Muhammad; Suryati, Ni Komang; Muthmainnah, Dina (Graduate Program Sriwijaya University, 2021)
    Ayamaru lake is one of the lakes in West Papua categorized as karst lake. It is endowed with fish diversity in various ornamental fish and consumption fish with high economic value. Recently, a number of floating net cages ...
  • The features of inland fisheries in Southeast Asia 

    Muthmainnah, Dina; Makmur, Safran; Rais, Aroef Hukmanan; Sawestri, Sevi; Supriyadi, Freddy; Fatah, Khoirul (Inland Fishery Resources Development and Management Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2019)
    Numerous bodies of inland waters are widely spread in Southeast Asia where fisheries production is an important source of people's animal protein. The capture fisheries sector, utilizing the inland waters, provides employment ...
  • Integrated swamp management to promote sustainability of fish resources: Case study in Pampangan District, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia 

    Muthmainnah, Dina; Prisantoso, Budi Iskandar (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsMichigan State UniversityAmerican Fisheries Society, 2016)
    Pampangan District is a floodplain area, containing 21 distinct swamps characterized by seasonal shifts in the aquatic and terrestrial environment. During the wet season, the floodplain is covered by water with a depth of ...

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