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    • Sustainable management of inland capture fisheries for food security: Experience of Indonesia 

      Utomo, Agus Djoko; Samuel (Secretariat, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2017)
      An archipelago with 17,500 islands, Indonesia is situated between latitude 06° 08’ N – 11° 15’ S and longitude 94° 15’ – 141° 00’ E and its territorial waters on 12 mile-limit basis, embrace a total area of 3,166,162 km 2 ...
    • Western region of Indonesia:The nucleus of Anguillid eel fisheries and trade 

      Muthmainnah, Dina ORCID; Suryati, Ni Komang; Pamungkas, Yanu Prasetyo; Mulyani, Yenni Sri (Secretariat, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2020)
      Recent statistical information indicates that Indonesia embraces a huge resource of anguillid eels in its western region, especially the areas in Sumatra Island and Java that face the Indian Ocean. There are a number of ...