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dc.descriptionThe fishing pond is the utilization of the SPEECTRA I pond. With a land area of 1,152 m2 for each fishing pond, the fish have a large living space. The water used for fishing ponds is the tide that enters the pond during river tides. The types of fish that are stocked are fishes living in floodplain area, such as helostoma temminckii, trichogaster trichopterus, anabas testudineus, clarias bastrachus, channa striata, rasbora trilineata, channa micropeltes, mystus nemurus, pristolepis grooti, mystus gulio, belontia hasselti, notopterus notopterus, channa pleurophthalma, puntius lineatus and pangasius hypopthalmus. Besides being used as a place for recreation, it is also a means of education about native fish in floodplain areas.en
dc.titleFishing ponden
dc.subject.asfafish pondsen
dc.subject.asfafish stocksen
dc.contributor.corporateauthorSoutheast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Inland Fishery Resources Development and Management Departmenten
dc.contributor.corporateauthorKementerian Kelautan Dan Perikanan, Republik Indonesiaen

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